Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monrovia Food Treats

When I go home I like to re-visit my favorite eateries. Dad CJ enables me. Dad CJ is the best. One of my favorite places to eat in Monrovia is B&C Teriyaki. They have a great veggie bowl.

When I was younger my Daddy would take me on walks and we would stop to eat at B&C. My sister Buffy and I would always walk there for fortune cookies. Every time I go back, the dear owners always tell me how much they miss my Dad and ask how my Mommy is. I like that.
They kind of feel like family.
Bono, likes to walk to B&C.
He also likes to eat the rice (but only if it has a little bit of teriyaki sauce on it).
Silly Bono.


trippin said...

I could use a Teriyaki Bowl right now. I miss B&C's. I'll have to come visit you while you are in Cali and get me some.

Katherine said...

Silly Bono.
What sweet owners. I would go there all of the time too. I love people and places like that.