Monday, April 06, 2009

"Living In the Now"

Lindsey is celebrating her blogs 2 year anniversary and I am celebrating my 3 years spent in Mississippi. We want you to share in the celebration. I have gathered items from my journey's through Mississippi and Lindsey (who lived in Hattiesburg for 10 years and now lives in New York) contributed fancy New York Maple Syrup.
We want you all to enter and tell us what you love about where you are living right now.
One of the greatest lessons I have learned during my 3 years in Mississippi is to live in the now and love where you are.
You have two weeks to enter. When I get back from my trip to California, Dan will pick a name out of a hat.
Tell your friends and enjoy.
Kat and Lindsey too


Unknown said...

what a super fun idea! so while I'm procrastinating folding 6 loads of laundry, I'll tell you what I love about where I live...(seacoast area of New Hampshire)

I love that it has 4 seasons (even if winter is a little too long.)

I love that I live 12 minutes from the beach.

I love that people here are straightforward and simple here. they are loyal and there isn't the whole thing with trying to be something you're not. The people here make me feel comfortable in my own skin. (some places I have lived I have felt like I'm not pretty enough, skinny enough, don't wear the right clothes...)

I love the trees.

I love the history.

I love that I can live in a house that is almost 200 years old that was built as the first christian meetinghouse in my town, two miles down the street from where it sits right now.

okay, that's probably too long. Have a great trip!!

intrastructure said...

Brooklyn, NY

The Polish bakery by my house is always baking, so as soon as I step out of the subway, I smell this sweet combination of dough and sugar. I can go in at 11pm and get fresh bread for $1.75.

I love cupping my hands around a warm latte and sitting in the open window of the cafe around my house.

I love the old factories and graffiti and endless secrets of my neighborhood.

At the end of my street is a little park overlooking the water. I can see the entire skyline of Manhattan while sitting on the grass and drinking cider.

I love the galleries and boutiques and sudden surprises, like discovering a secret perfume store in the industrial section or a surf shop miles from the ocean.

Giuli said...

I find this interesting that you posted this, because I'm having a hard time finding anything that I like about where I live right now! Okay, I really don't like the people, but I have fallen in love with the mountains. I get to look out my window and see beautiful rocks, sometimes with snow on them. When the monsoon starts, then the brown of the desert turns a beautiful and fragrant green. After a rain, the ground smells so sweet! I think no matter where I live from now on, I will always have to be near the mountains. (This is coming from a city girl who's only mountains were skyscrapers and large pine trees).

Amy said...

Lancaster, PA

I love that I'm only two hours away from several major cities and the beach. It's makes it easy for the city girl in me to get a city fix when needed.

I love that my area and neighboring areas are rich with American and Church history. I have grown a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices those before me have made so that I may live in a free country where I can live and worship as I choose.

I love that anytime you go out most likely during your daily travels you will pass several horse and buggies in route. It reminds me of how life used to be more simple and invites me to slow down and enjoy life and not let it rush by.

I'm so blessed to live where I do.
Thanks for the opportunity to enter. It's a lovely idea.

Anonymous said...

Monrovia, CA

I love that I've lived here my whole life. They know me at the places I frequent the most and I think I should probably run for city council. I could probably win based on my loyalty.

I love the sun, the clouds, the Santa Ana's, the fires, the earthquakes, Mom's tree when it changes colors at Christmas. I love that I live 5 blocks away from Mom in my spanish style bungalow.

I love everything about Monrovia and California except for the winters and when it rains.

I love that I know all the secret roads to beat the traffic. I love that just about anywhere in Monrovia, I have a memory.

Viva La Monrovia,

Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

I love all of the flowers that are blooming. I love the exciting things that are just outside my door.

Coralee said...

I love that we live in what feels like a "suburb" but we are 5 minutes drive from downtown. I love having a park 3 houses away where we can go play with the boys. I love I can walk to a local library, grocery store and 7-11 when needed :). I love that winter is ending and Spring is coming!

Kristen said...

Fun idea!

I could really care less about where I am. What matters the most to me are the other four people I live with!

Anonymous said...

this is a cool idea to express where you have been and what you are doing.
I can't wait to have you back in my area of the country.


Anonymous said...

Tolleson, AZ

I love moonsoon seasons in AZ. I also love that every one of may favorite resturants are in AZ. I love that I am only five minutes away from hearing the next ice cream truck come around the corner. We all know how much I adore ice cream.


trippin said...

I love the winters here in AZ. I also love that most of my family lives close by.

Candice B said...

The mountains that I have hiked, climbed, biked, and sled down are so close. I have swam in their lakes and built fires on them. I have taken countless photos of them at every angle and every season. I sit at my front window and stare at them. I love my mountains.

Oh, and also all of those crazy Mormons.


Jane said...

Las Vegas, NV
I love that you can keep a garden going here through all four seasons.

I love living so close to Red Rocks. We spend a lot of time hiking, walking, climbing, and hanging out there.

I love that it doesn't get too cold, and that it isn't humid. Sometimes I even love the hottest of heat. It makes snow cones and popsicles and swimming at the pool on a summers day so much more enjoyable.

I love that there is some cultural diversity (more than Utah where I grew up at least). My kids will grow up knowing people from all walks of life.

Mostly I love the memories that I am building with my family and the friends that I have made here. They are such incredible people.

Moose said...

Congrats & I love wagging my tail in the April snow storms we have in Colorado! My human mom loves spring and watching the snow disappear!
Tail Wags to All.

Phoebe said...

Hmmm, I have a love/hate relationship with my current location here in the Pacific Northwest. Here is what I love.

I love that people actually care about the environment and do stuff about it.
I love that it is family friendly.
I love it when the sun is shining so that you can actually see the amazing views.
I love that we are close to a really cool city with lots of great restaurants and fun things to do.
I love that everyone drives a Hybrid or a Subaru.
I love living close to a lake and a river.
I love that my husband has an 8 mile commute instead of a 45 mile one.

Kristie said...

I am happy I am not too late to enter your fun giveaway!!! miss you already Kat!

Los Angeles,CA
I love that I can find vegetarian food on the menus at our favorite restaurants. I love that we can be at the beach, mountains, desert, or country in two hours or less. I love that several art museums are just minutes away. I love that it is easy to see concerts here because most bands play LA. I love that art house theaters are close by. I love that I can escape into beautiful botanical gardens to hide away from the bustling city. Most of all I love that I am sharing my life (no matter where we hang our hats) with my wonderful husband and daughter.

April D said...

Its great to read everyone's endearments ;) I guess I"ll add mine. i love love living in the south. some of the things i love is the unruly & unkempt green landscape, "sweet air", azaleas, honeysuckles and all the tropical foilage (banana plants), the southern night sky, wide open spaces, plantation homes and the gorgeous oaks that frame them, the mystique of the south (old stories, myths, and superstition), the people, old southern accents, the food, rainstorms.

Katherine said...

I have really grown to love where I live here in Vista, CA

I love that I live so close to the beach and that we have a great place to go and walk. So many good memories there.

I love that it finally feels like "home" for all of us.

I love where my kids go to school---and that I now know so many great people in the community.

I love that we're as close as we are to Disneyland.

I love that I live near the wonderful outlets and Trader Joes(my favorite food store).

I LOVE the weather here.

I love our neighborhood---and that it's such a great place to trick-or-treat for Halloween.

I love that I live just steps away from the greatest quilt shop.

wow---I really like where I live(I could continue to go on). It took awhile for me to love it though---just because we were so sad to leave the last place that we lived and loved. I guess it just shows that there's good everywhere.

Anonymous said...


I live in an All American City near the Foothills. I've lived in Southern California since 1970. I've lived in our Monrovia home since April, 1977. At the time we moved here we had two children, both under three years old. Shortly after moving here another child was born (in the home). Then after five years another child came into our home. Sometime shortly after our last child was born, Grandfather lived with us as he was terminally ill and passed away in our home.
While I miss my Missouri roots, I have come to love my California homestead. It's the memories more than it is the place.

I love you,

Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

Vancouver, Washington

No mosquito or fire ant attacks for 4 months.

6 minute WALK to work.

Neighborhood park across the street.


VISITORS now that we're closer to all our family. 16+ this month :-0

10 minutes to Portland.


Anonymous said...

Okay so when you procrastinate posting you might end up missing the deadline. It is still 4/21 so maybe I can get my entry in. Either way, the only thing I like about AZ is that my BFF is here. Truly, that is about it. - Jessilee