Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What makes me happy today?
-old photo's of my family and friends and Baby Kat too.

-club soda

-Baby Bono

-making wishes

-this handsome man
-this song
-pretty things
I'm such a lucky girl. I have so many wonderful people in my world.
Sometimes, I like to sit back and really think about what makes me happy.
What makes you happy today?


lindsey said...

sitting back and letting your posts bring out the smile in me. i just love the picture of baby kat. okay, what makes me happy today: knowing that in about a week we head south, warm sunshiny teal blue skies and cool evenings, reading paired with a perfect glass of wine, you already mentioned strawberries (can i come over), dreaming big and wanting to start a new project, drooling over amazon wish lists, looking through netflix to find anything tom laughlin related ( i was secretly in love with billy jack in the 70's). wishing you a magical rest of the week. :)

love and hugs

April D said...

Ooh Lindsays list sounds good; I might would have to say, a nice hot bubble bath. strawberries right out of the patch is such heaven! quickie: we used to have a strawberry patch when we were all real young (i'm oldest of four). mom and dad would tell us to not go in the strawberry patch. well, amber and daniel did. amber had strawberries all over her face (she's like 2). dad asked her if she had been in that strawberry patch and she looked at him and slowly shook her head no! my dad still thinks its funny when he tells that story!

Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

I am soooooo (times 10) happy that I had my last Roadshow rehearsal tonight. That is all I should say...:)