Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Dan

We have already celebrated Dan finishing his dissertation but this morning "it" was officially turned in.
Have any of you noticed that the countdown to Dan's Graduation now says 17 days?
I'm freaking out.
I'm excited; I'm stressed; I'm sad; I'm happy.
I'm a mess and I need to get home to my Dan.
P.S. You can still enter the "We Miss Mississippi Giveaway."
We can't wait to see who the lucky winner will be.


April D said...

Great picture of Dan! You can see the pure sense of accomplishment on his face! Looking forward to seeing ya'll again soon!

Katherine said...

I love that this is documented. Who took the picture? Somebody nice, I'm sure. :) I'm excited, nervous, happy, sad, etc. for you too. :)
Nicole is reading over my shoulder and says she's happy for both of you too.
I'm going to go enter the giveaway now.

lindsey said...

i know what you mean about all the different emotions and feelings overlapping. wrote about the same thing regarding sam's graduation. i am thinking about you two. dan, way to go! now it's official - you're a grown-up. :)