Monday, April 27, 2009

Gardens and Calligraphy

Anna, Victor, and Baby K invited me to go with them to The Huntington Library.

This is my favorite spot at The Huntington. I have a thing for fountains. Big Koi fish live in that pretty fountain. Lucky fish.

Anna and I made a special visit to the new exhibit of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy.

They had a section where you could practice your skills. Here I am, showcasing my chinese painting and caligraphy "skills".

Victor took Baby K to visit the turtles (I believe) so Anna and I had some alone time.

It's fun to catch up. We explored the gift shop and reminesed about our days working at The Norton Simon.

It was a beautiful day. I love it when you can see the foothills clearly. To me that makes any day a beautiful day.

Thank you for inviting me, dear friends.

I had a lovely time.
We even made friends with this cute little duck.

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Katherine said...

All of your posts about "home" in California make me want to live there.