Thursday, April 02, 2009

Few Things Are Sweeter Than A Baby Onesie

Our friends Suzanne and Neil welcomed their Baby Max into the world a few weeks ago. We are having crazy storms here and are hunkered down so we had time to finish Baby Max's little gifts.
Baby Max was named after Max from Where the Wild Things Are. You may remember the baby shower we had for him and his lovely Mommy.
Max's Daddy is in a band called Matches For The Fuse.
Baby Max will look so cool in his new onesies.
Dan and I have big plans to go see him this week.
Welcome to the world Baby Max.
We love you.


Midge said...

Don't forget I've got another one coming, although I don't know if you can top Eric Estrada with his shirt off.

Kitty said...


I don't think we can top Eric with his shirt off but we'll think of something. Maybe Luke from Gilmore Girls. I want him on my onesie.