Friday, April 03, 2009

Does Daniel Need A Treat?

I'd say so. Daniel went to work with me today and he did a grand job. He cleared tables and helped me with this and that. He got 11 dollars in tips and he made a wish.

His big reward was an invite to Crawfish Boil 2009.

One of the things Dan is going to miss most about the south is the food. He loves southern food. Boiled peanuts, crawdads, pork skins, BBQ, grits, and all other southern things.

He was super excited about this big old pile of crawfish goodness. He ate and ate and ate.

Here is Stone (in real life clothes) with his lady Kim.

Kallee Grace taught me how to get into a crawfish. I ate a few. I'm a good sport. I bet Auntie Alma will be proud of me for the hands on experience. Next up: a chicken.

Kru and Kallee Grace make my heart happy. I am going to miss them so much.

I'm going to miss Jim too.
Thanks for inviting us.
We had the most fun.


Kristen said...

Oh that made me sick to look at that pile of whatnot on the table. I guess if you were there you'd have to eat one just to say you did. But I'm thinking I would NOT like it. I would like a glass of sweet tea though...mmmmm!!

Katherine said...

Such good memories of crawfish boils. I'm impressed that you would eat a crawfish. You ARE a good sport. The best part is the potatoes and corn though.

Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

Jim if a freak. :) You can tell him I said so, if he won't have a cow about it. I was never able to have the whole craw fish experience myself....yikes...