Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dad CJ And Kat Go Out On The Town

Dad CJ and I went out on a little date.

Dad CJ and I both like to get dressed up and pose for the camera. It's fun!

We brought home In-N-Out for Mommy.
Bono was happy too.


Katherine said...

You both look so fancy---and that burger looks delicious too. Why didn't CJ wear his kilt? It must have been cold that day.:)

Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

You look very "buxom-bomb shell" in the top picture :) Roger and I are so excited about the Mississippi treats! Now that we are here, we miss being down there...not too much though

Kitty said...

You're right. That photo does make me look buxum. The goodies are on their way. Woo Hoo.

I think CJ is saving his kilt wearing for Dan's graduation. Should be exciting.


Anonymous said...

that whole belt things is really working for you...lovin it