Sunday, April 26, 2009

California Treasures

Mommy and I always find treasures together. Mommy is a bargainer. She is top dog when we go to sales. Dan lets me be top dog. Bono goes too and he thinks he's top dog.

But, Mommy is the one and only yard sale diva in our family. I told her I wanted this secretary hutch and she scored it for $85. She even talked them into delivering it. I have BIG plans for it.
I can't wait for it's official debut in the coming months.

We also found this over Christmas break. I think it will be so pretty in our future bathroom.
Thank you Mommy.


Katherine said...

Wow--you got some big treasure this time. I'm sure they look so beautiful in your home.

lindsey said...

i am in LOVE/LUST with your secretary hutch - especially that color. what a find!!!


Kitty said...

Katherine and Lindsey,
I was so excited when we found the secretary. It is my favorite color. It's blue painted over green and distressed. I'm going to put paper on the back of the shelves and have scaloped shelf paper that hangs over the side. It's going to house my cake plates. I really did get lucky.
love love love