Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Bee Hustle

Party invitations are in the mail.
My living room is a disaster.
Closets are being emptied and I am reminiscing about where every treasure came from and deciding which one's need to be left behind.
Letting go of some items feels like I'm letting go of twenty-something Kat. Or should I say Kathy or Kathryn.
I've changed my name a few times because of traumatic/life changing events.
Thank goodness I'm over that. I'm out of names.
Do I really need a silver incense burner?
My Pottery Barn goodies are so not my style anymore.
Some lucky shopper is going to be LUCKY!

I'm off to the hot tub to soak and chat with Daniel.
love you


lindsey said...

i knew the invitations would be uber creative. i love them. and the name kat suits you - you have earned it over the years! the only good thing about moving is being able to sit back and say really, what was i thinking?! here's to the weather and yard sale and silver incense burner gods being with you.


April D said...

me and lins are your biggest fans as you can tell. but got the cute invite today as well and so impressed. LOVED the "hi my name is" as the address label on the envelope.

Katherine said...

I can't picture you being anything but "Kat." Some person is going to LOVE all of your P. Barn outcasts. Great invitation! Good luck with everything!