Thursday, April 30, 2009

Take a little break, you deserve it.
Sweet dreams.
Moving South vs. Moving West

Home Expansion

When I close my eyes the needles
of longleaf pines still shine
in crepuscular light. Mocking
birds and cardinals pass
low over the back yard, conversing
about the trees. And when I steer
the Penske truck north next month,
the door of my Mississippi
home shut for the ultimate time,
Needles will cover my path
and the birds will follow me out
into the Pacific.

Dan Morris

It's the last day of April and the end of National Poetry Month. Dan wrote 30 poems.
I thought this poem was fitting.

The photos are from our big move to Mississippi three years ago.
Crazy how fast time flies.
I never would have said that a year and a half ago.

By the way, Dan is beardless. Why? Because he had just finished working on the trains at Disneyland for the summer. He was a really cute train conductor.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How do we reward ourselves?

When I went home, I went to see my Doctor. He didn't give me the best news but I am changing my lifestyle and doing everything I can to take care of myself.

I've had to give up a few things and it has been hard.
I also realized that my Diet Coke addiction was costing us about six dollars a day.
That adds up!
So, Dan and I decided that my reward in six months will be a new pair of Fluevogs.
We'll have to start saving our pennies.

How would you reward yourself?
I love this, it's a lot like wishing.

"There are two kinds of people out there: those who shy away from attention, and those who wear Fluevogs."

What makes me happy today?
-old photo's of my family and friends and Baby Kat too.

-club soda

-Baby Bono

-making wishes

-this handsome man
-this song
-pretty things
I'm such a lucky girl. I have so many wonderful people in my world.
Sometimes, I like to sit back and really think about what makes me happy.
What makes you happy today?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Bee Hustle

Party invitations are in the mail.
My living room is a disaster.
Closets are being emptied and I am reminiscing about where every treasure came from and deciding which one's need to be left behind.
Letting go of some items feels like I'm letting go of twenty-something Kat. Or should I say Kathy or Kathryn.
I've changed my name a few times because of traumatic/life changing events.
Thank goodness I'm over that. I'm out of names.
Do I really need a silver incense burner?
My Pottery Barn goodies are so not my style anymore.
Some lucky shopper is going to be LUCKY!

I'm off to the hot tub to soak and chat with Daniel.
love you

Monday, April 27, 2009

You are such a starlet!

I want to be a starlet everyday.
Well, the YARD SALE is on Saturday.
I'm finding more and more treasures hidden in my Mississippi closets that need to find homes.
I have big plans to make cupcakes for the treasure hunters.

Bono, I miss you terribly.
We'll be reunited sooner rather than later.
I can feel it.

Happy Tuesday Dear Friends
Sunday Afternoon Adventure Drive

Things are coming to a close here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We are chin deep in our moving and graduation party preparations.

We have mixed feelings about it. Hattiesburg has been a place of growth for us. Our first three years of marriage were spent here. I heard someone say that you don't find yourself until you go to a place where no one knows you.

I found myself in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
My Sneaky Partner In Mischief

Bono and I surprised Mommy and Dad CJ with a date night. Annie left us with her keys (remember she is in Australia) so Bono and I set up a special surprise date night. We made dinner and set the "mood".

I told them they had to get dressed up for their big night out.
Don't they look smashing?

I've been practicing my serving skills while working at The Pastry Garden.
Sidenote: I miss working there already.

I think it was the perfect way to end our fun filled two weeks together.
Mommy and Dad CJ, thank you so much for taking care of me.
I love you both so much.
p.s. Thank you for taking me out to get my nails done too.
They still look great.
Gardens and Calligraphy

Anna, Victor, and Baby K invited me to go with them to The Huntington Library.

This is my favorite spot at The Huntington. I have a thing for fountains. Big Koi fish live in that pretty fountain. Lucky fish.

Anna and I made a special visit to the new exhibit of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy.

They had a section where you could practice your skills. Here I am, showcasing my chinese painting and caligraphy "skills".

Victor took Baby K to visit the turtles (I believe) so Anna and I had some alone time.

It's fun to catch up. We explored the gift shop and reminesed about our days working at The Norton Simon.

It was a beautiful day. I love it when you can see the foothills clearly. To me that makes any day a beautiful day.

Thank you for inviting me, dear friends.

I had a lovely time.
We even made friends with this cute little duck.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dad CJ And Kat Go Out On The Town

Dad CJ and I went out on a little date.

Dad CJ and I both like to get dressed up and pose for the camera. It's fun!

We brought home In-N-Out for Mommy.
Bono was happy too.
California Treasures

Mommy and I always find treasures together. Mommy is a bargainer. She is top dog when we go to sales. Dan lets me be top dog. Bono goes too and he thinks he's top dog.

But, Mommy is the one and only yard sale diva in our family. I told her I wanted this secretary hutch and she scored it for $85. She even talked them into delivering it. I have BIG plans for it.
I can't wait for it's official debut in the coming months.

We also found this over Christmas break. I think it will be so pretty in our future bathroom.
Thank you Mommy.

One Is Silver And The Other's Gold

Before we left Carlsbad for Monrovia, we had to mine for gold,

pump water,

do a jig,

be cute,

and play on a big red mushroom.

Then we went to the free spot which overlooked the fields.

Cute, Cute, Cute.

Mommy and Dad CJ, thank you for the lovely, memorable day.
I'll be with you again in less than two weeks.
I'm counting down the days.

You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To

Dad CJ took Mommy and me to Carlsbad to see The Flower Fields.

The flowers were beautiful. I think the best thing about the outing was seeing my Mommy happy. She has been having a hard time lately.

Dad CJ is the best Step Dad. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I really do think of him as a Dad and I feel so lucky.
Dad CJ, I love you.

When Dad CJ told us about the fields of flowers, he said you could see them from the freeway. He forgot to mention that the last time he saw them was 30 years ago. Now, you see car dealerships from the freeway. The fields were bigger 30 years ago.

Dad CJ asked to make sure he was right.

What a cute pair. I want to hug them and put them in my pocket.

Dad CJ's hip started to bother him so Mommy and I explored on our own.

We looked at the California Poppy's and the field workers. Mommy ran around in the fields and pretended to be back on the farm in Missouri.

We decided that we had to take some flowers home.

Especially after seeing how much work goes into gathering them.

We found Dad CJ right where we left him in the rose garden.
He read the pamphlet about the farm so he told us all sorts of facts about it.
We had the most fun.