Friday, March 06, 2009

Two little Pickles...

went out for a Friday night panini at The Spicy Pickle. My new friend Lindsey gave me a list of things I need to do and see before I leave the South. Thankfully, I have already done most of the things on the list. That makes me happy because I would be so sad if I missed out on something cool.

Dear Lindsey,
My panini was wonderful.
We went just for you because you have been so nice to us.
I wish you could have had a panini with us.
Hooray for new friends and southern hospitality.


Anonymous said...

i absolutely heart you! yum! glad you guys had a good time. they have great food. will see if i can come up with some more gems.


p.s. - you are over the moon creative with your blog.

Kitty said...

You're the best. I'll email you soon.

Katherine said...

Yummy. Doug wouldn't even go near it though because of the name. He can't stand pickles(I think he's crazy). He tells the kids he's allergic--and now they think they are too. So I would have to go all by my lonesome.
You are looking amazing BTW. Such pretty pics of you!!

Kitty said...



I would go with you to The Spicy Pickle in a quick minute for a yummy panini.

I think we could talk Nicole into going with us too.


Anonymous said...

I saw you as MS gal on Lindsey's sidebar and am so happy to see you are in the big H-burg! We just moved from there in July and miss it so - yes, it's true. (Still in MS, though, thank goodness). You are just the cutest thing! We adore The Spicy Pickle! It's ultra yummy and I'll have to remind my honey that we should have lunch there next week when we're in town!