Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Adventure Drive

We had a lovely weekend full of gallivanting and exploration. We also caught a cold. We did manage to make it to our Sunday obligations and will be spending the rest of the afternoon in bed with Reality Bites and Pushing Daisies. I secretly love it when Dan and I get sick at the same time. There is nothing better than being sick in bed with your best friend. Well, it would be better if Baby Bono was here to comfort me but Dan will do.

I have so many things to share with you and I have a feeling that it will take a whole week to catch you up on all of Mississippi treasures we found this weekend.
I love this photo of our cute little sick feet.

Ignore the swollen nose and face. I've missed you all and I can't wait to catch up.
By the way, my friend Lindsey and I are planning a giveaway. A bunch of Mississippi goodness.
We'll keep you posted.


intrastructure said...

When I'm feeling a bit down, I hop on your page to see my friend. You lead such a gorgeous, magical life and take such pleasure in beautiful things, no matter how small or simply. You are such a great example to me. I love you ever so much.

Kitty said...

You are so wonderful. You're comment meant so much to me. I will always think of you as a sister and I hope you know that I am always here for you. Always.
Thank you for the sweet words. They made my whole week.
love you,

Giuli said...

I love your cute blog! Jack checked it out with me during my lunch break, and I think that Dan inspired him to grow his beard back. It's so cool that you found me, because just yesterday I was looking at Max pictures and saw the pic of Max with "Capn Danniclaus" Too Cute!!!!!
We miss you!!!!!!!!!

Kitty said...

Guillana, Jack and Baby Max,

We have missed you so. I am so happy that you stopped by my little blog. I think Jack should grow out his beard. He looks good either way but a beard is cool. But only if it isn't too hot where you guys are. I hear he is having lots of adventures out in the desert and it must be HOT.
I miss Baby Max so so so so much.
love and hugs,

Katherine said...

I think you're looking mighty good for being a sickie. Hope you 2 are feeling better---although fun to watch movies and be sick together.