Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday Morning Treasure Hunt Adventures

This morning was the perfect morning for yard sales. There were plenty of sales to be found but not many treasures. We found this little puppy and named him Spencer. He looked like he needed a good home.

We decided to take Spencer and run off to Shady Acres. Shady Acres is one of the places we will miss the most when we leave Mississippi. Dan got his meaty lunch special and some boiled peanuts.

This precious kitty kept us company.

I love kitties but I'm allergic to them so I can't get too close. It's sad because Dan loves
kitty cats. Dan is wonderful because he admires them from afar with me so I won't get sick.

I ordered my favorite thing to eat here in the South. Tomato sandwiches and sweet potato fries. Few things are better than a good tomato sandwich.

I love this man.

Spencer found his new home on our curiosity shelf. I hope he stays with us for many years.
Happy Saturday.


Kristen said...

Oh! My Grandma Peggy had a shelf like that in her dining room, I thought it was so fun to look at see what was new or moved every time we went to visit. And sweet potato fries - my FAV!!!! I make the often, Greg loves them as much as I do. Yumma yum. Happy day - your hair is looking so pretty too - it's gotten so long!

Katherine said...

What a beautiful picture of you!! Your lunch looks and sounds so yummy. Healthy too. I would love to go to Shady Acres. That is one cute little kitty. I would love to have a kitty visitor while eating lunch---even if you had to enjoy it from afar. Fun day!

Parker said...

Thanks for saying nice things about my hair. That made my day. Is your Grandma Peggy the Grandma who you think I look like? Is Grandma Peggy the sweet lady who wore beautiful slips? Have you had the Sweet Potatoe fries from Sams Club? They are good.
love you,

Parker said...

YOu are so nice to always leave comments on my blog. I get so happy when I see that you left one. You always say such uplifting things and make my day.
I love you,

Parker said...


Have I told you all how thankful I am to have such amazing friends. I feel like the luckiest girl I know.
I am blessed.
love you,