Monday, March 16, 2009

Saggy Bottom Jammie Pants

I need to finish up sharing our weekend adventures with you. After we went to Rowan Oak, we went to explore downtown Oxford. There is a lovely little town square with boutiques and stores that surround a courthouse.

Our friend Richard recommended that we eat at The City Grocery. It was one of the nicest meals I have had in Mississippi. I had salmon and Dan had duck confit.

I liked walking around and imagining what the square was like when Faulkner was around. This Ice Cream shoppe is now Square Books. Dan was pretty excited about visiting this little bookstore. He has been "friends" with them on myspace for a while now.

He bought a book and I bought postcards. Some of you may find one in your mailbox soon.

The town square also had an old fashioned department store (sort of like Woolworths) that was stocked with all sorts of treasures. I found this Happy Birthday tablecloth. Restoration Hardware had a Birthday tablecloth years ago that I wanted but couldn't afford at the time. I keep looking for it on Ebay but it's one of those items that people hold on to. This one is similiar and we plan to use this for our family Birthday traditions. You'll see it often, I'm sure.

We saw these hipsters walking about. I had to sneak a photo. You see, Dan does not like drawstrings. He has opinions about them. He only likes saggy bottom jammie pants. He has one pair that my Mommy bought him for 25 cents at a yard sale. We have been on the hunt for them. If you find some let us know. Point is, the hipster with the elbow patches is wearing a pair of saggy bottom jammies.

Why hello, kind fellow.

HELLO, saucy Kitty.

Dan is a good sport.

Dan you are the coolest.
I'm a fan.

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A.J. said...

Y'all are so literary--it's awesome. If only you could get in the British telephone booth and fly it back to Seattle, it would be ever better. But really, Oxford's awfully nice, and I'm glad you both had such a swell time there.