Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Persnickety Kitties

I love Hello Kitty. She takes me back to my childhood. I was a little girl who always had the "wants". One of my favorite places to go was the Hello Kitty store. I was so fascinated with the grab bags.

My dear niece Nicole is so thoughtful. She sent me this lovely little letter on adorable stationary. I love that she knows of my love for Hello Kitty. I also love that she remembered that I have very opinionated opinions about Hello Kitty's bows and attire. I don't like when Hello Kitty wears a pink bow. I also don't like when she wears pastels. I think this tartan bow is super cute but I will always like Hello Kitty in a red bow best.
Am I the only one who has opinions about this?
Nicole, isn't Hello Kitty's scottie puppy cute?
Thank you for my sweet note, I will treasure it always.
p.s. I hope you have a super fun time in HAWAII.


Stephanie said...

I prefer pastels or hot pink on Hello Kitty. I couldn't get behind the dark purples that MAC put her in for the HK makeup. But then, I'm more of a Deery Lou girl.

Parker said...

I had a feeling that you would be an fellow persnickety kitty. I hear you about the MAC Hello Kitty. Deery Lou is totally Stephanie.
love and hugs,

Katherine said...

I'm not so persnickety about Hello Kitty, but remember loving going to the Hello Kitty store. My problem was is that I would never use my Hello Kitty stuff because I didn't want to ruin it. It just sat in my closet for years. It hung on my Snoopy pencil sharpener I had fastened to the wall. I'll have Nicole read your blog. She'll be so honored.:)