Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pearls are so sophisticated.
Don't you think?

Michael Sowa, we love your little friends.
Amelie is one of my most favorite films. It makes me happy.
I wanted to get Dan something to make him feel happy. He has been working so hard and finishing his PhD is a huge deal for us. So, Michael Sowa's Filmhound and Fowl with Pearls are now Daniel's. I bought him the prints. I bought two beautiful vintage frames at a yard sale that they will look nice in. The frames are in California (in storage in my parents' basement), but soon the prints and frames will be united. Dan jokes and says that I bought them for myself but I have to tell you that I truly thought that they would make Dan happy. I imagined that every time he looked at them he would remember how happy we will be when he finishes. I hope that they will be a reminder of his good work. I think cute puppies and birds in pearls are very appropriate.

I can't wait to show you how they look in those frames.

Betsy, thank you for helping us find our new friends


Midge said...

That's awesome! I had thoughts of redecorating my room to match her bedroom but I never got around to it when I was a single gal.

Katherine said...

Lucky Dan! Everything you touch looks good.

Parker said...

I think you should decorate your room like Amelie's now. I love her bedroom too. By the way, you are too too kind. I am in love with my happy mail. I'm going to have to show everyone the treasures you sent me. I'm in love.


Parker said...

You are the sweetest sister in law ever. You always know just what to say to perk me up. I love you so much.
hugs to you,