Sunday, March 08, 2009

Our Sunday Afternoon Adventure

We decided to take you on our adventure with us today. We love the post office here in town. I've shown you snippets of it before but today you get to see photos of me at the post office. It is a beautiful art deco building in downtown Hattiesburg. It was fun to explore it on a Sunday afternoon when it was deserted and quiet.

We like to go to this post office to mail care packages and buy pretty stamps. The line is always shorter and the postal workers are always nice. I think they are nicer at this location because they are in such a beautiful building.

Check out my new belt. It was a find for five dollars. Score. I'm finally fitting my favorite black pencil skirt again. Today was a day for celebrating.

I spent the afternoon watching Pretty in Pink with my friend Arianna. It was her first encounter with the enchanting Molly Ringwald. I'm not sure if she thought Duckie Dale was adorable like I think he is. I had such a thing for him. She is from a different generation, obviously.

Isn't the floor lovely? It reminds me of Twin Peaks. It also reminds me of the shoes I am wearing here. They are my new shoes for Dan's graduation. I wasn't supposed to wear them but I figured they needed to be taken on a trial run. Right?

I'm homesick for my friends and family today.
I love you all.
I wish I could have you all over for dinner (I'm sure I could talk Dan into cooking).
I would make sure the house looked perfect just for you.


Katherine said...

I knew you had a beautiful post office, but had only seen the outside pics of it. It's quite a bit nicer than my post office here. I would be nicer to if I was working in a beautiful building. Cute shoes! Yes, you have to make sure they won't hurt your feet on yours and Dan's big day.

Anonymous said...

you look amazing! next, you need to post pics of the hattiesburg library, both the old and new. i'm sorry about the homesickness. not much longer...

Kitty said...

Where is the old library? By the way, you are so sweet. I love that you posted about your Saturday Treasure hunt with you hubby. I wish I could have gone on a treasure hunt with you. We both probably would have found the same treasures and we'd have to flip coins to see who got to take them home. We could have taken turns and then traded afterwards.

Anonymous said...

today, the old library is the hattiesburg cultural center (723 main street). i think they've added one of those swans as a lawn ornament, so you can't miss it! and yes, i need you here for treasure hunting.

hugs back*

Kitty said...

I helped cater a wedding there a month or so ago. I didn't know it was the old library. It was a beautiful building.

Dr. Roger Barnick, Vancouver Chiroprator said...

I need to call you soon! I think I am having friend withdrawls. Would you please post a close-up of your shoes? Also, I have been loving your model-photo-shoots!

Kitty said...

Pretty Melissa,
I'm looking foward to our phone conversation. It looks like we have lots to catch up on. I've missed you so. My new shoes are HOT. Click on where I put new shoes in the post and it will take you to the link on Fluevog.
love you,