Monday, March 23, 2009

Our First Stop

We visited the Emerald Indian Mound.

Dan was a sport and he waited at the bottom of the hill so I could have him take this photo of me waving at you all.

We chilled at the top of the mound with a family that was picnicking with their cute little puppy.

That cute little puppy ran all the way down the mound and he had trouble stopping at the bottom. What a lovely place for a puppy to take a run.

Dan tried to be fancy on his way down the mound and he nearly sprained his ankle. He did have fun doing it though. The photo's are priceless. I wish I could make you a flip book of his maneuvering.

This beautiful site is just one of many. Mississippi is full of hidden gems.


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Katherine said...

I would love to see that little puppy having trouble stopping going down the hill. How cute! I am loving all of the pictures of your trip.