Monday, March 02, 2009

Okay, maybe I don't really want to be a carni. But I do want to work in the carnival or circus of my imagination. Not the creepy one in the parking lot.
This week of reflection about being in my 30's and preparing to celebrate with Genevieve as she turns thirty tomorrow, has been a positive experience. There are so many things that I want to be.
I want to be a good friend, a painter, a good citizen, an archaeologist, a good sister and daughter, a teacher, a "mom", a photographer, a good wife, a tap dancer, and oh so many other things.
What I have learned is that I can be all of these things and I don't have to choose to be just one. I love that.
I'm going to finish up my list of things I've learned in my 30's because I'm leaving for Florida first thing tomorrow morning to celebrate with Genevieve and see Morrissey.
- Good friends are hard to come by and they need to be cherished.
-I finally know what clothing styles look good on me. Hooray for not being a slave to the fashion trends.
-Thank you notes make everyone feel special and appreciated.
-Reciprocity and Validation
-Quality is always better than quantity.
-My favorite music and movies make me happy but don't define me.
-Politics and religion are personal.
-Remember to have some me time everyday. You deserve it.
I need to ask you all to think about my dear Auntie Alma because she is having surgery tomorrow and I am worried about her.
love love love


Roger and Melissa said...

CUTE SCARF!! What a wonderful list about turning 30! Have so much fun on your trip...

Katherine said...

I hope Auntie Alma is okay. I kind of feel like I know her.
Love your list. How great to feel this in your 30s---and not having to wait until your 50s.