Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh, happy day

Dan turned in his dissertation today and I am so excited about it. The exams are done; the dissertation is turned in. Things have been stressful around here. Today we are breathing a big old fashioned sigh of relief. I say "we" because I feel like I've been working too. In many ways I feel I have. I may have put my Masters on hold while Dan has been pursuing his Ph.D. but I didn't stop working.

This is a photo of Dan's office this morning. I thought you'd like to see it with his dissertation getting ready to be turned in. Dan has been very busy.

To celebrate we went out to eat. Dan chose a place where he could throw peanut shells on the floor. We also went to a reading. It was a good night. But I had to go home early with a tummy ache (as you can tell from the photo above I'm looking a little green in it). Dan set me up on the couch with some rice cakes (they soak up all the bad) and 7-up and he went to the after party. I wanted to go but the thought of having tummy troubles at someone's home does not sound like fun. So I am convalescing on the couch watching The Tudors.
I have a big weekend coming up, I don't have time to get sick.
Celebrate with us.
Let's all make wishes.


Martha said...

Congratulations!!!! To both of you. What a relief.

Katherine said...

I've been thinking about you guys this week. It has been a big week. Sorry you got sick. Stomach problems are the worst. Was it because of the restaurant? Glad you enjoyed yourself---at least for a little while.

Parker said...

Martha and Katherine,

Thank you so much for commenting on this important post. It means so much to me when my friends say something and this post was especially important to me. I remind myself often that I write this blog for myself and it will be something I can look back at and be thankful for. I sometimes get hurt when people don't say anything. But, that makes me even more thankful for my dear friends that do take the time to be part of my blog. It means a lot.
love you both,

lindsey said...

celebrating with you two. congrats!!!
love, love the top photo of you and dan. in the meantime, here's to new adventures and being on cloud nine...