Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been a strange week. The whole world seems to be having trouble adjusting to the time change. Spring is here. The flowers are blooming everywhere and I can't wait to get out and take some photo's of them. I'm probably never going to see a Mississippi spring like this again. It's a sight for sure. The prettiest time of the year in Mississippi.
I've been missing my sisters a lot lately. I know they are super busy and aren't able to read this blog as often as I wish but I thought I'd send some happy thoughts out into the world about them. My wish for the day is that my sister Annie would call me. I think she is avoiding me. It's a sister thing.
Some of the school stress should be wearing off by Friday.
I'm looking forward to spending a carefree weekend with my Dan.


Anonymous said...

something must be in the water. having a craptacular week here. i always wanted sisters. was blessed with two brothers instead! what are you two doing for spring break? my daughter is supposed to be ghost hunting at an old sanitarium.

hugs & happy thoughts

Kitty said...


Sisters are a wonderful thing but brothers always have your back. My brother is the coolest. That is so cool that your daughter is going ghost hunting. I've heard of the sanitarium. I can't wait to hear about her stories.
We have tenitive plans to go to Vicksburg and the Windsor Ruins and Oxford to go to Faulkner's house. Also, Hubfest is next weekend and we are excited about that.

Anonymous said...

Well, I called multiple times today, so I guess I got my stalker quota in! Sometimes we sisters get busy, sometimes we don't.

I'll just be excited when we are all on the same coast again.