Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mississippi River will always have its own way; no engineering skill can persuade it to do otherwise...
- Mark Twain in Eruption

We made it to Downtown Vicksburg at dusk. Dan's favorite time of day.

My Uncles worked on the Mississippi River for the Corps of Engineers. I always think of them and all of their hard work when I see the Mississippi.

Vicksburg is a city full of history. It was a booming place at one time. The buildings are beautiful but sadly a lot of them are falling down. We overheard the Mayor of Vicksburg talking at breakfast at the B&B. He was very much like Mr. Taylor Doose from Gilmore Girls. He talked about building restoration in Vicksburg. I felt like we were getting the inside scoop. Nosey me.

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Katherine said...

Wow-- you were eating alongside the mayor? I hope they will restore the old buildings. I LOVE old buildings with a history.