Thursday, March 05, 2009

" I wear black on the outside.
Because black it what I feel on the inside."

Two cute little girls getting ready to take their road trip to see Morrissey. We were so full of excitement. It was Genevieve's 30th birthday and we were set to have a good time.

We stocked the cooler with veggies and all things good but decided that birthday celebrations need to include yummy candy. The diet was suspended.

We made it to Florida.

We had a few set backs on the road but we tried to stay optimistic. I kept telling Genevieve "oh, it's okay, you're going to see Morrissey and you love him so much. You will remember today forever."
We made it to our hotel and took our time getting all prettied up.
Then we headed over to the theater only to find this.

Morrissey was sick and he canceled the show. Ummmmm, how do I help my poor friend celebrate her 30th after this kind of setback? Well, we heard her brother (a Forrest ranger/firefighter) was on leave and staying at a motel 2o minutes away in St. Augustine, Florida. The oldest city in America. How fitting. We went and met up with her brother and his firemen friends. Interesting. We walked around the oldest city for hours in heals and went out to eat.
I'd say we had an adventure.

Here is our birthday girl looking oh, so, pretty.

I'm in front of the gates to the city but you can't really see them. St. Augustine was one of the coolest places I've ever been to. I wish I could have seen it in the daytime.

We saw the first schoolhouse. Genevieve is a high school English teacher so this was an exciting discovery.

This future history teacher had to get a photo too. When do I miss out on a photo op.
wink. wink.

We slept the night away in two of the most comfortable beds and headed back to Mississippi the next morning. We followed the Harlem GlobeTrotters for a bit. Cool.

We had the most fun. It was a grand adventure. One thing about getting older is that things don't always work out the way you plan them but they can always be turned into something great if you are optimistic and creative. I am so happy I went. The time we had to talk and bond in the car was priceless. I will never forget Genevieve's 30th birthday and I hope that someday she will be able to look back on it and laugh her cute little head off.
Pretty Genevieve is now back with her children and husband and I am back with my Daniel. Oh, how I love my Daniel.


Kristen said...

Oh how SAD!!!!! Poor girl - cancelled? Terrible!!! At least you were optimistic about it and made some fun of the time. She needs another road trip to see him! I call RE-DO!!

Katherine said...

Sounds like the trip was still full of good memories---despite the huge disappointment of the concert being cancelled. Josh Groban did the same thing to me a few years back. The least they could do is call...
I would LOVE to see St. Augustine. I didn't know that about it.
I'm impressed with your optimism. Cool to follow the Harlem Globetrotters.

lindsey said...

here's to laughing your heads off and to always having a plan b! loved your pics!

*fun weekend wishes


Dyan said...

What a fun little girl's getaway! My brother was in St. Augustine going to school while we were living in H'burg so we got to visit there. Seriously one of the most charming and fun-filled treasures of a city. Too bad you couldn't have been there longer to see more of it...but at least you got a taste and can say you've been!