Friday, March 27, 2009

Hip Hop To The Hippity Hop

Dan defended his dissertation today.

We are so excited.

I am so proud of you Daniel.
You are the coolest.
p.s. Isn't my husband the best for participating in my photo shoots?


Kristie said...

I love Dan's ribbon! Nice touch.

I am so behind on your wonderful blog. :(
I will have to find some time to catch up soon!

Anonymous said...

LOL. You didn't tell me all the details of Dan's celebration over the phone. You could have told me it was so uber creative. That's funny.


Katherine said...

I knew you would have a good photo shoot for this one. Congratulations to you both--because I do believe it was a team effort. What a great day! I want some of your cheese...
Thanks for our wonderful mail today. We loved it!

yiching said...

Congrats Kat and Dan!

and yes Dan is always super cool in your photo shoots! :)

lindsey said...

i'm assuming he didn't change his topic at the last minute?!! tell dan he's going to owe you at least 90% of all the book royalties. i love that he actually wore the ribbon. congratulations! i want you designing my next celebration.