Thursday, March 26, 2009

He's A Wise Old Smurf

Our nephew Tyler sent Dan some happy mail. He sent him this modern day Papa Smurf.
I hear he opted to get Papa Smurf for him instead of Poet Smurf. I think he picked Papa Smurf because he came with a desk and really Papa looks a little bit like Uncle Dan.

Dan was so thrilled when Tyler expressed an interest in his Smurf collection over the Christmas holiday this year. I think Smurfs may be their new thing.

Isn't he the cutest.

"Papa Smurf often saves the Smurfs from trouble using his knowledge."

Thank you Tyler.
Uncle Dan thinks you and Papa Smurf are the coolest.


Katherine said...

I didn't think about the resemblance betweent the two when Tyler picked it. You're probably right about that. I'll let Tyler read this tomorrow. He's asleep right now. He'll feel so special.

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of Tyler. What a nice kid! He must have known how much the little smurf would mean to your and Dan!


Anonymous said...