Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Mail Day

I'm the luckiest lady I know today. My mail carrier delivered some special mail from dear friends. I love email and facebook but they will never replace the joy of getting a letter from a friend. Stationary and stamps are too pretty and need to be used. Plus, reading someones handwriting is intimate in a way that typing never will be.

This sweet little friend of mine sent us a thank you note for her puppy present. She is so thoughtful. Her Mommy and Daddy are the coolest and they help her stay on top of things. She also has great taste in stationary (polka dots) and stamps. Her Mommy (my dear friend Kristie) also sent a note on pretty stationary. I was so happy to hear from them. We have big plans to go to The Huntington when I visit next month. I can't wait. I am a little sad that I am going home in April instead of May because The Huntington is getting a Sam Francis and I so want to see it.

I also received a very special surprise care package from the lovely Marjorie. She blew me away. First off, she sent me a card that said "You're beautiful" on it and that made my day. Marjorie always says the nicest things. I wish I could live next door to her. She sent me Hello Kitty post-its and the most beautiful belt buckles and shoe clips I have ever seen. She knows my style, that's for sure. I love it when you find kindred spirit friends.
I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends.
Thank your for making my day perfect.
I love you guys.


Katherine said...

The puppy looks very happy in his new home. Nice Marjorie to send you such pretty things. She does know your style. Fun.:)

Midge said...

I'm glad the little goodies got to you, it's a miracle I finally got them in the mail but you kept sending me cute things it was the least I could to. And the card doesn't lie, you are beautiful, just ask Dan if you don't believe me.