Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Home For The Night

We made it to the Anchuca Mansion in Vicksburg and we were so thrilled with our room in the coach house.

I have always wanted to sleep in one of these fancy canopy beds.

Anchuca is a Choctaw Indian word meaning "happy home."

It is an antebellum home that was built in 1830.

We stayed in the coach house because it is less creepy and more economical.

Isn't Dan handsome?
You don't have to answer, I know he is.


Katherine said...

What a BEAUTIFUL place! How cool to stay there. I would have loved that room. Luckies!

April D said...

GASP that bed was gorgeous! I'm enjoying these posts thru y'alls eyes so much! By the way, my dads side of the family hails from around the Greenville-Vickburg area and I am 1/8 Choctaw!!