Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy 125th Birthday Hattiesburg

My favorite part about Hubfest is getting a Big Stick Popsicle from Bootsy's Wagon. Bootsy is a happy man who greeted me by saying, "I'll take you back to being 6 years old, little Missy."
I took him up on it.

The Pastry Garden did the cake for the BIG event.

Dan was disappointed that there weren't any deep fried Twinkie's. He desperately wants to try a deep fried Twinkie before we move.

They did have lots of strange booths. I felt bad for these suitcases.

We think that some of the booths we saw there last year may have been frightened off by the thunderstorm last night.

But the sun was shining and so were the random "crafts." Head on a stick, anyone?

The miniature choo choo train toted the little ones around.

Dan watched the "big boy" train.

Maybe I should have purchased this USM fancy-pants wreath for Dan's graduation party.

We ran into some of my favorite customers from work.

We saw many booths filled to the brim with bows. Dan is not a fan of bows and the color pink. FYI

He liked his chicken on a stick though.

These birds were whimsical.

I bought a snow cone because I was suckered in by the pretty cup. I love it. Plus, it came with a twisty straw.

It was a lovely morning in DoHa (Downtown Hattiesburg).


April D said...

Hey Kat you looked so cute in your hubfest pictures! Sorry I didn't come out, But I got alot of things done today! Yah! I hope it will be just as beautiful tomorrow as it was today for the photoshoot!

Katherine said...

I love your snowcone. I've never seen one look so cute before.
You guys can come to the Del Mar fair with us here.(We go pretty much every year.) They have deep fried Twinkies, snickers, oreos, zucchini, etc. There's always a really nice breeze there too because it's so close to the ocean. That helps to fight off that gross, sunscreen, sweaty, greasy feeling I always get at fairs.:)
Fun day. I love how you guys take advantage of all of the good stuff around you.