Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forget the Zoo, we have bubbles.

I had plans to meet up with Genevieve and her little ones for a trip to the zoo after work today. Well, one of her little one's had a tumble this morning. Bless his heart. So we had a bubble party instead. Genevieve's 9 year old little one played photographer. I think she has mad skills.

Today was a perfect sunny Mississippi day. Warm with little humidity.

My photographer friend loved my little whale (I think I named her Bertha).

She liked to pretend that she was eating her up.
I think Bertha was eating her up because she is so dang cute.

These are my Mary-Jane work shoes. The help me run, run, run after cookies all day.

Dan took my car to get some gas. I think he is so handsome and I wanted to share.
We are out back grilling tonight.
love you all.
p.s. Get your bubbles out, it's pretty outside.


Kristen said...

You are too cute. I'm going to pick up some bubbles next time I'm at the store for the boys!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous because you're grilling. outside! we had to leave ours behind when we moved. it's kinda hard to grill outside when you are buried under 10 feet of snow. love the bubbles.