Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ending With A Sweet Note

We saw a number of beautiful plantations and churches on our way home but I think you'll enjoy the Dono photos more. Dono's make everything better. I grew up in a home where Dono's were hot commodities. My Daddy would lock his Dono's up in his file cabinet. You see, my Daddy was one of those old timers who met up with his cronies at the local donut shop. I'm a sucker for those guys.

Dan is a fan of the apple fritter. Dan is a man who collects cronies.

I'm not so into sweets but a glazed donut can be a treat when you're not feeling 100% and you want to celebrate.

This drive through Donut Shop in Natchez, Mississippi is precious. Nothing too fancy but it was a lovely way for us to end our road trip.

It's always best to end on a sweet note. But you have to add some Diet Coke and silliness to do it up right.


Anonymous said...

i love it! diet coke and donuts. reminds me of my mom. she used to always get a tab and a candy bar. i feel like i have traveled around the state with you two. love the photos from windsor ruins.

Kitty said...


WE missed the ghost towns. I didn't read about them until I got home. Schucks. I don't like missing out on things.

I think your Mommy was a smart lady. You have to even those calories out, you know?


Katherine said...

Fun! I'm a fritter fan myself, but rarely buy donuts. I usually stuff my self with cookies and candy. I love the little donut shop. I also love learning about your nice dad. He sounds wonderful. I love how you appreciate so much about him.

Anonymous said...

I love donuts, particularly when they are of the donut hole variety and left on my pillow when I am sleeping. That's all. Nice post.