Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Come With Me...

let me tell you about my ho hum day.

Today was a rainy rainy day here in the South. Despite the rain, Jim's shrimp and grits brought the customers in. The creek behind the shop filled up to it's brim. So we took a mini field trip to check it out.

This is Jim. He is the coolest. He means business. Don't mess with him.

This is my friend Stone. He helps me everyday. I feel like Stone and I are a team. I clean the tables and he washes my dishes. He is so nice. I love seeing him every morning. His apron always gets ruined so pardon the apron. I wish I could find him one that didn't rip like that.

My favorite part of my day is at 2:15. That is when I get my Dan time. We go to The Chill Zone for some refreshment. If you're ever in town, go to The Kangaroo gas station on Hardy (next to the Coca Cola place). They have the best service and the best Diet Coke in town. Believe me, we've banned a number of places around here. Good customer service makes my world a happier place and I want to live in a happy world.
I wish I could take you all out for a Super Big Gulp and some conversation.


Jeannine said...

It looks like you have been taking a lot of day trips. How fun. The kiddos and I (also Sarah and my mom)are heading to Texas next week. Wish us luck. I hate traveling with really little ones. Despite that we are excited. Too bad you aren't closer, I would have you meet us.

Parker said...


I hope you guys have a lovely trip. You are a brave lady for sure. I too wish I lived closer to Texas so I could meet up with you. What are you planning to do in Texas?


Roger and Melissa said...

Horray for Jim and Stone!

Katherine said...

I love seeing who you work with and hearing about Dan time. I like seeing your life in Mississippi.