Sunday, March 29, 2009

Channeling Cyd

If only I could dance with Gene Kelly.

Cyd Charisse and her fabulousness inspired me today.

I wish the Saenger Theater would show a Gene Kelly/Cyd Charisse double feature.

I would be there with my Daniel in a quick minute.

Happy Sunday Dearies.
love you
p.s. I can't stop watching this.


lindsey said...

is that the green dress you are wearing for dan's graduation? beautiful. cyd, kat - both have that air of mystery.


Midge said...

Dang girl, you are looking smokin' today. Cyd's got nothing on you. Hopefully Dan was able to control himself around you.

April D said...

Can I just say what a good Sunday I had with you guys. Loved it! And you looked so lovely in that pretty green dress! Can't wait to see the pictures, I hope they turned out alright. ;)unbuzleu

April D said...

LOL sorry for the very last word...i think that was part of the word verification that got stuck in there!

Kitty said...


This is not the dress for graduation but it was one of the contenders. I just had to have it. It was calling my name.

Lindsey, Marjorie, and April,

Thank you for all the nice comments. I feel like a pretty princess.