Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Things feel normal right now. Our little home is comfortable. I had a dear friend over for dinner and a movie. We lit the house up with candles and chatted about life and laughed about the lamest movie I've seen in years. Everything felt so homey and comfortable. We are leaving our little home in one month. I'm getting sad. I love our little Mississippi home.

I will miss everything about it. I think I am just getting sentimental. That's normal right? I've finally found my place here and we're on to our next adventure. I'm excited but I'll miss our little home. I'll miss my road trips with Dan in the South. I'll miss our photo shoots. I'll miss my job. I'll miss my new Southern friends.
I need to get a parasol to help me sail into our next adventure.

For now, I'm finishing up my last week of work at The Pastry Garden. I'm getting gifts and care packages together. I'm addressing thank-you notes. I'm collecting many boxes for the BIG move. I'm party planning.

I'm getting ready to go HOME to Mrytle Avenue and my dear Monrovia, California.
I get to chill with my Mommy, my CJ, my Baby Bono, my Annie and my lovely friends.
Then I'm back to Mississippi to celebrate our third wedding anniversary, have a grand yard sale, celebrate and pack up the big truck.
For now, I'm going to watch a movie in bed and drink some Diet Coke.
Hopefully Daniel will join me.


Anonymous said...

You and Dan will have many adventures in your life together. Nearly three years, eh? I suppose any new arena takes time to fall in sync with.....knowing that helps one carry on and go forward. California has not been the place I wished to be for most of my life, but many treasures came from my adventurees in the west.....and, like you, I am grateful for the experience. Being with Buffy this week has been wonderful. We went to the Mesa Easter pageant last night. I want to put this adventure on my yearly "to do" trips. We will return Friday as I haave an appointment coming up on Monday.....and my sweet Kathryn is coming home on Tuesday.....Thank you, Dan, for sharing her. I love you both. Mommy

April D said...


It always seems that right when you get settled somewhere and get go'in, its time to uproot and move again! Thats how its been for me anyway. And its so bitter sweet to leave friends/family. I will miss ya'll so much but I'm so thrilled we've had some time together and we'll be friends forever. I'll come visit you and Dan!

Anonymous said...

I came after Bono in your list of peeps you are excited to see? That's some real BS

Moms computer works again


Kitty said...


I can't wait to see you. I think you should make the Easter Pageant a yearly to do with Miss Buffy. You and Dad CJ need to celebrate your retirement and have lots and lots of little trips. Hopefully, you'll be visiting me too. I want to be on the to do rotation.

love you.


I'm going to hold you to that visit. I love you and I'm so thankful to have you as a dear friend.

Annie Bannie Beep Beep,

The BS is that we have been playing phone tag all week and I miss my baby sister. Remember our date on Tuesday. I've got things up my sleve and I want to see your new apartment.

love love love,

Giuli said...

Where are ya'll moving????? Closer to us maybe???? Love reading your blog. Sorry that mine's not as interesting!