Thursday, March 19, 2009

Birthday Wishes

My beautiful friend April had a birthday this week. We spent the evening celebrating and catching up. Dan went out and it was all about Kat and April.

April was the first to use the new birthday tablecloth that we bought last weekend. Hooray for new traditions and wonderful friendships.

I love this photo. Wishes are being made and I truly think that April's will come true this year. She deserves all sorts of wishes and lovely things.

April, I love you.
I think you are amazing and one of the things I will miss most about Mississippi will be you.
Happy Birthday


April D said...

Of course you know my heart and that I will miss ya'll. Thanks for the wonderful b-day wishes and the fun night! Loved the tablecloth. Loved the cupcakes. Love the time and laughs! Love you!

Katherine said...

What a cute friend you have! Cupcakes look delicious too.