Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Things feel normal right now. Our little home is comfortable. I had a dear friend over for dinner and a movie. We lit the house up with candles and chatted about life and laughed about the lamest movie I've seen in years. Everything felt so homey and comfortable. We are leaving our little home in one month. I'm getting sad. I love our little Mississippi home.

I will miss everything about it. I think I am just getting sentimental. That's normal right? I've finally found my place here and we're on to our next adventure. I'm excited but I'll miss our little home. I'll miss my road trips with Dan in the South. I'll miss our photo shoots. I'll miss my job. I'll miss my new Southern friends.
I need to get a parasol to help me sail into our next adventure.

For now, I'm finishing up my last week of work at The Pastry Garden. I'm getting gifts and care packages together. I'm addressing thank-you notes. I'm collecting many boxes for the BIG move. I'm party planning.

I'm getting ready to go HOME to Mrytle Avenue and my dear Monrovia, California.
I get to chill with my Mommy, my CJ, my Baby Bono, my Annie and my lovely friends.
Then I'm back to Mississippi to celebrate our third wedding anniversary, have a grand yard sale, celebrate and pack up the big truck.
For now, I'm going to watch a movie in bed and drink some Diet Coke.
Hopefully Daniel will join me.
Happy Mail

My dear friend Lindsey sent me some happy mail.

I feel so blessed to have so many kindred spirits in my world. I think you find friends when you least expect to. A new friend is like a Saturday treasure hunt FIND.
Thank you for being my friend.
p.s. I love the Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. She looks lovely with her red bow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel.

Today is my day to say thank you. My world is overflowing with special friends and dear family and I couldn't be more thankful. Dan and I had a big delima. It's embarrassing. We didn't finish sending out our thank you notes for our wedding gifts. Most of you know that I think thank-you notes are extremely important and this issue has been weighing on my mind and topping our to-do list. The embarrassing part is that we are about to have our third anniversary next month.

I feel lucky to have friends to ask for favors like this one. Pretty April was our photographer today. She did a lovely job and we love how these Polaroid photo's came out. She also took a number of other photo's but we'll save those for the thank-you notes.
I'm so thankful for friends.
Dear friends who are always there to help.
I think you know who you are.
I love you all
p.s. I hope you know that I'm here for you too.
Channeling Cyd

If only I could dance with Gene Kelly.

Cyd Charisse and her fabulousness inspired me today.

I wish the Saenger Theater would show a Gene Kelly/Cyd Charisse double feature.

I would be there with my Daniel in a quick minute.

Happy Sunday Dearies.
love you
p.s. I can't stop watching this.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fester, Fester, Fester, Rot, Rot, Rot.

I was festering about some things this morning. So, we went to an impromptu matinee. The movie was of no consequence but it was a good escape. Plus, we had FUN in the photo booth.
p.s. I'm over my festering.
Happy 125th Birthday Hattiesburg

My favorite part about Hubfest is getting a Big Stick Popsicle from Bootsy's Wagon. Bootsy is a happy man who greeted me by saying, "I'll take you back to being 6 years old, little Missy."
I took him up on it.

The Pastry Garden did the cake for the BIG event.

Dan was disappointed that there weren't any deep fried Twinkie's. He desperately wants to try a deep fried Twinkie before we move.

They did have lots of strange booths. I felt bad for these suitcases.

We think that some of the booths we saw there last year may have been frightened off by the thunderstorm last night.

But the sun was shining and so were the random "crafts." Head on a stick, anyone?

The miniature choo choo train toted the little ones around.

Dan watched the "big boy" train.

Maybe I should have purchased this USM fancy-pants wreath for Dan's graduation party.

We ran into some of my favorite customers from work.

We saw many booths filled to the brim with bows. Dan is not a fan of bows and the color pink. FYI

He liked his chicken on a stick though.

These birds were whimsical.

I bought a snow cone because I was suckered in by the pretty cup. I love it. Plus, it came with a twisty straw.

It was a lovely morning in DoHa (Downtown Hattiesburg).

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hip Hop To The Hippity Hop

Dan defended his dissertation today.

We are so excited.

I am so proud of you Daniel.
You are the coolest.
p.s. Isn't my husband the best for participating in my photo shoots?
Bubble Time With A Little Man

Today wasn't the best of work days but it still had it's happy moments.

Watching Jim and Kru blow bubbles would make any day good.

Today was my last day working with Linda. She is a lovely lady who always made me feel like part of the family.

This is Taylor and Chad. You all know Taylor. Chad is the man who hands me the food to take out to customers. He makes a really good tomato bisque.
Horray for little boys with bubbles.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

He's A Wise Old Smurf

Our nephew Tyler sent Dan some happy mail. He sent him this modern day Papa Smurf.
I hear he opted to get Papa Smurf for him instead of Poet Smurf. I think he picked Papa Smurf because he came with a desk and really Papa looks a little bit like Uncle Dan.

Dan was so thrilled when Tyler expressed an interest in his Smurf collection over the Christmas holiday this year. I think Smurfs may be their new thing.

Isn't he the cutest.

"Papa Smurf often saves the Smurfs from trouble using his knowledge."

Thank you Tyler.
Uncle Dan thinks you and Papa Smurf are the coolest.
"Patience and fortitude conquer all things"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I anxious to move to a place that shows limited release movies.
I'm an impatient person who is getting better at being patient.
Thank goodness for Netflix.
I still really want to see this in June.
On opening night.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kat and Dan
Come With Me...

let me tell you about my ho hum day.

Today was a rainy rainy day here in the South. Despite the rain, Jim's shrimp and grits brought the customers in. The creek behind the shop filled up to it's brim. So we took a mini field trip to check it out.

This is Jim. He is the coolest. He means business. Don't mess with him.

This is my friend Stone. He helps me everyday. I feel like Stone and I are a team. I clean the tables and he washes my dishes. He is so nice. I love seeing him every morning. His apron always gets ruined so pardon the apron. I wish I could find him one that didn't rip like that.

My favorite part of my day is at 2:15. That is when I get my Dan time. We go to The Chill Zone for some refreshment. If you're ever in town, go to The Kangaroo gas station on Hardy (next to the Coca Cola place). They have the best service and the best Diet Coke in town. Believe me, we've banned a number of places around here. Good customer service makes my world a happier place and I want to live in a happy world.
I wish I could take you all out for a Super Big Gulp and some conversation.

Ending With A Sweet Note

We saw a number of beautiful plantations and churches on our way home but I think you'll enjoy the Dono photos more. Dono's make everything better. I grew up in a home where Dono's were hot commodities. My Daddy would lock his Dono's up in his file cabinet. You see, my Daddy was one of those old timers who met up with his cronies at the local donut shop. I'm a sucker for those guys.

Dan is a fan of the apple fritter. Dan is a man who collects cronies.

I'm not so into sweets but a glazed donut can be a treat when you're not feeling 100% and you want to celebrate.

This drive through Donut Shop in Natchez, Mississippi is precious. Nothing too fancy but it was a lovely way for us to end our road trip.

It's always best to end on a sweet note. But you have to add some Diet Coke and silliness to do it up right.