Saturday, February 28, 2009

Treasure Hunt Saturday Morning

It was a rainy, damp Saturday morning so we went to The Pastry Garden for breakfast. It is nice to go there and not be working. Anyhow, Sonya (my Boss-lady/friend) knew about an estate sale so off Dan and I went. It wasn't too impressive but we walked away with two new treasures. This cheese plate is priceless. Dan and I have a thing for cute little mice. Dan has a few poems about mice. You can read them here and here. This cheese plate also says cheese and I love things that say what they are on them.

Speaking of blatantly obvious labeled items, we found this gem of a cookie jar. At first I thought I would pick it up and sell it on Etsy but after bringing it home I think it needs to be mine. It doesn't really fit in our home now but who cares, we're moving soon.
I've always wanted to be one of those little ladies who always has cookies on hand to give out to young friends. But, this is not the right time in my life for that. We can't have cookies in our house. They are too tempting. So sad. Instead, this cookie jar will be the home for unsalted almonds. I hope that doesn't make it sad.

For now our new cookie/almond jar is on our makeshift folding station in our kitchen. I will always think of my time in Mississippi working at The Pastry Garden peddling cookies, when I look at it. Here is a fun article about where I work. You gotta love a girl who gives out cookies, right?
Happy Saturday Gallivanting


Dyan said...

The Pastry Garden...cute! What was that article featured in? I'm sure you were the designer of the cupcake in the photo! Suzanne's shower looks so nice, what a lovely time!

Parker said...

Melissa and I tag teamed that cupcake when we were both working there. It's actually kind of gross that it is still up there. But, it's still pretty.
Wish you could have been with us last night.
p.s. The article was in a local magazine called South Mississippi Scene.
Jim didn't really like his photo but o'well. He's silly

Kristen said...

Great cookie jar - it does need to stay at home with you!! You always find the best things! How come we never did this together when you lived here? So fun!

Katherine said...

It's been a little while since you've posted some of your Saturday finds. I always like seeing your treasures. I'm glad you're keeping the cookie/almond jar. I need a jar for almonds too I think.
Miss you guys!