Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Bearded Men Play Croquet

We all know about the lovely Miss Ashley G. and her bearded men. We have a few of her prints in our house and I admire them every day. Anyhow, I feel like I see her bearded men everywhere.

Today I came home from work to find this in my backyard. Three bearded men playing croquet. Dan's exams start tomorrow and they are "busy" preparing. I think it is good that they are letting off some steam and joining forces for the good of graduation and poetry.

Let's send some happy thoughts and wishes to Dan.
He has a big week coming up.


Katherine said...

I didn't realize Dan was one of the bearded men playing croquet at first. Are they all bearded poets?

Parker said...


You probably didn't recognize Daniel because he is wearing his silly "Study time" hat. I think it's a Tennesse hat, really.

They are all bearded poets. Though you know that they would hate that I called them poets. But they are all getting ready for exams and graduation.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about Dan's graduation.

love you,