Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stacks of Drama

When I met Dan, I stopped journaling. This makes me really sad. I have the rest of my teenage years and twenties documented. I've found that I journal most when my life is full of drama or boy dilemmas. When I met Dan I was 29. I was busy going to school, working 3 jobs, and enjoying my single girl life. Dan calmed me down and I stopped journaling. This makes me sad because I wish I had all those moments and feelings written down in a pretty little book.
Well, another thing that I like about my 30's is that I started blogging in my 30's. I've decided to document my life in a positive way. I try to document the happy times and I've found that this form of journaling makes me a better person.
My 30's have been more positive. I've decided not to let the negative in as much. I had a roommate in college named Michelle. She would always tell me about how I needed to let it roll off my back like a duckie. I didn't let that sink in 30's.
p.s. This doesn't mean that I don't have my drama queen moments anymore. Too Bad.


Kristen said...

I am embarrassed about my old drama journals and have seriously blacked out some things or have thought of destroying them.

Happy blogging is WAY better. But ever girl needs to get a little moody now and then.

Roger and Melissa said...

I like a woman with a little drama in her!...not too much, just the right amount.:)

Katherine said...

That's so cool that you have all of those journals. You've probably done a better job of documenting your life than most people have.

lindsey said...

like kristen, i am embarrassed by my old diaries and journals. i sound so juvenile! unfortunately, i lost my favorite from high school and actually miss it. i agree that blogging is the new journaling. just think of how much amazing history/drama you will have on hand for the future. what a gift. i love your words.