Friday, February 20, 2009

I love my bed.
I love my laptop.
I love my portable DVD player.

My day in bed hasn't been all that bad. Sure, I feel like poo but I've been well cared for and entertained. I've been watching some of my favorite movies. I spent my evening watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Dan went out with friends and had a hamburger. He hasn't had one in a while and I think he deserved it for sure.

I found another graduation dress option.
What do you think about it?

I also spotted this adorable tea pot that I'm adding to my wish list.
I love pretend shopping on my laptop.
It makes me happy.

Well, I'm gearing up to watch Amelie.
Despite being sick, I love being able to watch my favorite movies in bed.
Bonne nuit.


Kristen said...

I love love love that dress!! Where did you find it? It's got your name all over it!! Feel better soon!

Parker said...

Click on the dress and it will take you to a happy place. Do you think it's the prettiest of the dresses I've posted?

Thanks for the well wishes.

I'm in love with your Veruca Salt photo. That outfit. I love it.

love love love,

lindsey said...

sending you chicken soup and popsicle wishes. everyone in usm's theatre dept is sick, so it's running rampant around campus. thank you for your sweet comments, btw. as for dresses, i agree with kristen but i also liked the purple orpheum dress. have fun deciding. get well soon.

Anonymous said...

HI Kat.....I am at a computer. We are visiting at Uncle Jacks. I love you.

Silver said...

Hope you get well soon.. i love my bed and lap top too.. somedays i even thought is was another limb that had grown as i got older!

Amy said...

Love the dress, love the tea pot! Both are must haves! love ya