Monday, February 16, 2009

Early Fat Tuesday Celebrations

I fell for this print and then found out that Dan's professor, Martina Sciolino, painted it.
I love it and I think it fits with this post about Fat Tuesday, so there.

Jeff invited us over for some King Cake and celebrating. His Grandma used to send him a King Cake from a bakery in New Orleans every year and now his Mom has taken over the tradition.

It was covered with chocolate and coconut. We abandoned our new eating plan for the festivities.

Will opted to eat a cupcake. Because he is Will.

Michelle being pretty like always.

Jeff got the baby and I was jealous. He bit into it later after we left and gave it to Dan to bring home. I was hoping I would get the baby.

Why, because those plastic babies are cute.

Hooray for Fat Tuesday celebrations and many thanks to Jeff's Mommy for the delicious King Cake.

Who got the baby?


Katherine said...

We loved our king cake last year(thanks to you guys). We saved the baby also. A few weeks ago Doug and Nicole made a cake and stuck the baby in---Tyler was the one who found it. We plan to recycle the baby even more. Thanks to you!!
I do love the king cake tradition.

Amy said...

Can you believe I've never even heard about Fat Tuesday until just the other day. Where have I been all my life? Looks like a fun time.