Sunday, January 04, 2009

Roger and Melissa,
we have missed you.

We drove down to Vancouver, Washington, to visit Roger and Melissa. We saw Roger's new office, their beautiful new home, new car, and Bug and Rizzo (their sweet puppies).

We went out for some Vancouver pizza. It was delish. They live in the cutest little neighborhood. I would love to live there and be close to my Melissa friend.

Roger and Melissa hadn't been to Trader Joe's so we went and I pointed out all of my favorite treats. I really like how they did this suitcase wine display.

Melissa gave me this warm, sassy little scarf and I had to model it.
Roger and Melissa,
Thank you for showing us your new little home.
We had so much fun.


Katherine said...

What a great time for you guys. I bet Roger and Melissa loved seeing you too. Cute scarf. I think the slip is a keeper.

Kris said...

Did you know I used to live in Vancouver a long time ago? I love it there and Portland too - what a great place to live if you should be so lucky!