Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our last day was soggy.

We missed our bus to Seattle (Dan didn't have enough change) so we decided to go lookie louing about Issaquah. We lookie loued at these unfortunate cars. Poor little cars, stuck in the puddles.

Our favorite antique store in Issaquah was out of sorts. No shopping for the Kitty today.

I love moss. Red and green always look pretty together.

Poor little restaurant. It was just sitting there minding its own business when the creek decided to come say hello. I am sure the creek didn't intend any harm.

We stopped at the bridge on Sunset Way by the salmon hatchery to check out the level of the creek. We checked in on this house the night before and I was really worried about it. Sneaky Dan thought he'd be sneaky and film the event.

Dan would make a good paparazzo. Don't mind me, I was just a little wet and annoyed.

Dan found some change and we took the bus (we figured we'd save on parking and be "green") to Seattle. We went to Anthpologie, John Fluevog, the market, Arundel Books, The SAM, and The Athenian.

Dan really likes this restaurant because of the view and also because Richard Hugo used to frequent it.
We went home to pack and visit with Dan's parents. We were so sad.
So long Dear Washington. We miss you so.


Katherine said...

That flooding is crazy!! We really missed out after we left. The kids would have loved to have seen all that water. Poor cars and homes though.

Amy said...

Dang I've never seen anything like that in person. I bet it was a trip. It is so sad to see the people loose their homes and cars. Hopefully the damage won't be too severe.

Kristie said...

The video of you not wanting to be filmed is classic. Joel does this kind of stuff to me all the time! Those guys think they are hilarious though. At least we are amusing to them, right?! :) xo