Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Netflix Puppeteer

I'm in charge of the Netflix movies for a while. Exciting. Last night I stayed up way too late watching, The Mayor of Casterbridge. Captain Wentworth (aka Ciaran Hinds) is in it. I LOVE him. Anyhow, you must see it. Well, if you're into these types of movies you should.
Masterpiece Theatre has been airing a version of Wuthering Heights that is quite racy and fun to watch. It's not the original but it's enjoyable for sure.
The original was one of my favorite movies to watch in my Daddy's office. It takes me back to those special times every time I watch it.
Well, I wish my Netflix Puppeteer gig meant that I could make Mad Men Season 2 come out sooner but I can't ask for too much.

Instead, I plan to think of Joan everytime I'm tempted to eat a cookie at work.


Katherine said...

I haven't seen any of those. Am I pathetic? I am watching "Lost" tonight though and am so excited. :)

Parker said...

Silly. I'm watching Lost too. Even though I don't like it. They bug me. But I feel like I've invested so many years and so much time and I have to find out what happens. Oh, they hooked me. Those meanies.