Sunday, January 04, 2009

My fingers are crossed and I'm making my wishes.

Our Christmas break is coming to a close. We have a few more days but the tree is down and the holiday fun has passed. I'm sad about it, but I have so much to take care of in the next few months, I'll get over it soon. It's a new year and we are heading into a new phase of our life. I don't know where it will take us but it will be exciting.

We hope to come back to the land of green moss and rain. We shall see.

I need to remember to take one thing at a time. This next month will be all about Dan. He is taking his comprehensive exams mid February. I promised him that I would take care of all of the meals. This is a huge promise coming from me. We will be starting South Beach (again) and be in phase one for a month. So, dearies, don't tempt us with carbs or sugar. They are off limits as soon as we hit Mississippi soil. We have an event coming up to look good for.
I'm excited about 2009, it's our year of adventure and change.

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Katherine said...

Great pic of you guys by the trains. It didn't feel like it was the new year until I got back. I hope you enjoy your last few days in WA. I'm excited for you and all that 2009 will hold for you. We miss you!