Sunday, January 25, 2009

I wish I could move into this painting.

Like in the movie What Dreams May Come. Remember that one?

Instead, I live in this one. If you look real close you'll see a surprise. That's right, a Heron. A Heron in Mississippi camouflage, I say. I'm not sure if it's a Tri-colored Heron or a Great Blue Heron but it was a bird sighting for sure.

I tried to get a closer look but this Heron was camera shy. Don't worry I wasn't harassing the poor thing, I was in my car and I was friendly.

Dan was even friendlier. Dan loves all creatures. He (Daniel) is my favorite creature. Well, he's up there with Baby Bono for sure.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

That silly herron. If he had only given you a chance to show how friendly you are.....nice wingspan though.