Saturday, January 10, 2009

Before I acclimate, I must share more.

We spent the last part of our holiday visiting friends and our favorite Seattle hot spots. We met Dan's friend Jaime for lunch in Bellevue before heading to the Frye. We had Thai food.

The Frye was a disappointment. Only because they didn't have any art. They were between exhibits and under exhibit construction.

However, the gift shop was open and I always find goodies in there. One of the treasures was a Hot Dog pin. Perfect for Dan. He doesn't wear pins but I had to.

Our next stop was Open Books on 45th, down the road from Dick's. Dan wanted to stop then but I had to remind him that we just had lunch so we hit them up later. Dan was happy.

Open Books is Dan's favorite bookstore. They are an all poetry bookstore, only one of two in the nation. But what makes this the best bookstore in the world is that their owners are super cute.

Dan spent all of his Christmas gift money. Since he bought so many books he had to ship them because they wouldn't fit in his luggage. Hurray for book rate mail. He shipped two boxes home during this trip. He doesn't seem to care that we will be packing them up in four months. By the way, Dan wants you all to know that you can see his latest acquisitions at his

We were also able to meet up with Dan's friend Alena for some cake and catching up in Freemont. She is adorable.

We visited Gasworks Park on a rainy, cold afternoon too.

It was rainy and cold.

The next day we met up with Dan's friend A.J. for lunch in Downtown Seattle. He took us to a great Vietnamese sandwich place. He has a new puppy named Rori to keep his other dog Suki company. It was great to see him and catch up.

It was fun seeing old friends.


Katherine said...

I haven't seen Gasworks Park forever. You guys really got around. I love the look of Open Books. I've always heard of this place, but have never actually seen it.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your green gloves and super cute poka-dot scarf. I like the trend of people buying pets for their pets. Like I have Rizzo to keep Bug company. So funny!

A.J. said...

Yay! I made the blog--that's awesome. Not quite as awesome as seeing y'all, but at least now there's photographic proof that you were, actually, back in WA for a bit. Now come back again.