Friday, January 23, 2009

99 pretty dresses, floating in the summer sky

Oh, the dress dilemma is oh so time consuming. Dan wishes he only had dress options to stress about.

I'm liking both of these dresses for graduation. I think I like the idea of buying ALL of the dresses and wearing them everyday. But, the search is on and I love it.


Katherine said...

If you could get 30-31 dresses collected you could do the whole last month. I love all of your options so far.

Roger and Melissa said...

I L-O-V-E Love the black one. Also, the greenish one a little while back. What are you are you putting in your search to find this cute style?

Parker said...

I've just been checking all of my favorite online stores. I'll have to send you a list.
Ohhh. laa. laa.

p.s. I'll call you later this week. I'm sorry Wuthering Heights cut our chit chat short. Heathcliff was calling me.

love love