Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Winter Wonderland out WEST

Well, the countdown is ON. Will Dan finish his paper on time? Will I get everything done before we leave?
All I want to think about is Ice Skating. I want to put on some glittery eyeshadow, curl my hair and wear a pretty outfit and ice skate.

I want to be graceful like Fritzi Burger. Instead, I'm going to channel my inner ice skating diva and wear glittery eye shadow tomorrow and think about glittery accessories like this one. My plan is to gracefully skate through the next 24 hours and make my way home to California without any major drama.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I haven't been very graceful lately.


Anonymous said...

Just come home...


Katherine said...

I hope you skate on through the next 2 days without too much drama. Nicole just informed me that she wants some black converse high tops like "Uncle Dan and Auntie Kat's" matching shoes. We've been eating on our Disney plates too. These are the plates the kids always choose when they're eating breakfast or a snack.