Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ooh, you make my motor run, my motor run.

Dan and I have been busy little elves. We braved the rainy weather and shopped and shopped. I saw a girl wipe her wet feet on a 2,000 wing back chair at Anthropolgie without a second thought. I'm "suspending judgement" so I figure she must have had really slippery shoes on. Right?

We also went to Macy's on Lake. When I was a little girl my Grandmother would take me there to buy velvet Mary Janes, eat soup at the in-store cafe, and sit on Santa's lap. I thought it was the fanciest place on earth. I think it was Bullock's then. Anyhow, Dan got a snazzy new jacket. Perfect for my future English Professor. I'll share photo's later.

After our rainy evening full of shopping, we went to my favorite 7-11 for a Super Big Gulp. When we were there "My Sharona" by The Knack played and I had to do the dance from my favorite Reality Bites scene. Then we were off to see Annie. That meant more shopping.

Here we are after shopping.

Thank goodness Bono was ready to chill out when we got home. He cleaned up today so he is looking super clean and spiffy. He has a special costume to share with you soon.

Let's just say, he'd love to hang out with these two.
Happy Holiday Shopping.
p.s. We're off to visit our Wishing Well today.
I'm Wishing...


Midge said...

Dan does look snazzy in his new jacket! So say we want to send you a little christmas card or present, where would be the best place to send it?

Anonymous said...

where is my 'other' picture??

Kristen said...

Have a great time - I am jealous. I want to go! Shopping looks like fun, for you. Annie - notsomuch. Nice jacket Dan!

Katherine said...

Don't you always wipe your slippery shoes on chairs?